Arduino project: USB foot-operated mouse switch

Arduino project: USB foot-operated mouse switch
The key to this project is the built-in USB controller in the ATMEGA32U4 chip, coupled with two new libraries that come with the latest Arduino IDE: the 'Keyboard' and 'Mouse' libraries. What's clever about these is that they allow us to take control …
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Review: Putting the Mountain-Tough Yuma 2 through Its Paces
The “so what” is that Bailey says the humidity is sometimes so high that when geocachers hit the cooler temperatures and high humidity of Clingmans Dome, some devices have water streaming from inside the device, which is never a good thing. I checked …
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Sony's Core isn't a wearable, it's a sensor (hands-on)
It's a different device to begin with: an activity tracker with no screen. Sony's still keeping it all pretty vague, but going on the details of the colorful, oddly appealing app, it's more life logger than health monitor. The idea Sony is chasing is …
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